About Ruby and Ed Bra and Lingerie

Ruby and Ed Bra & Lingerie, is the name of an experienced lingerie manufacturer. Its establishment in 2021 resulted into a milestone in the advancement of various types of lingerie. Its wide range of collection includes nighties, slips, camisoles, high heeled slip, stockings and more.

Ruby and Ed Bra & Lingerie is a family owned business dedicated to the promotion of both UK and American markets.

Why About Ruby and Ed Bra and Lingerie

We have passion to support and promote fashion industry. Our experienced, and highly skilled manufacturing team has been entrusted with using best of the techniques and technology to produce beautiful lingerie. We have a corporate philosophy of strong ethics and honesty. We believe that honesty and hard work will always be the key success factors in any company.

Our lingerie range is created in an intelligent way, which helps the body to stay cool during the hot summer.
We believe that Ruby and Ed Bra and Lingerie is the best place to order your lingerie. We deliver all over UK and Europe.

Why You Should Buy From Ruby and Ed Bra and Lingerie?

Ruby and Ed Bra and Lingerie are one of the best lingerie manufacturers, supplying great lingerie at reasonable prices. If you have a special occasion coming up and are in need of quality lingerie, then look no further. We are delighted to provide you with the best lingerie for all your social events and occasions, we offer sizes that will fit your needs. We provide the finest lingerie for every shape and size of woman.

You will definitely find the best of the best in Ruby and Ed Bra and Lingerie. All our best-sellers are beautifully made with simple designs, so you can be assured to get one of the best garments for your requirements. Whether you are looking for the perfect simple slip dress, sexy baby doll bra or just a camisole and matching tights, we will be sure that you will not be disappointed.


We pride ourselves on excellent customer care and great value for money. We offer quality products at prices that will suit you. All our products are made to a very high standard and with many styles to choose from we will ensure you don’t regret purchasing.


We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our items and this includes cleanliness of the lingerie. We also offer a free steam clean at our customer care team. We ensure that our customers always come first. If you have a question or concern about our items, please let us know as we always want to help.

Terms & Conditions

Shipping and Delivery

All orders are processed within 24 hours of order and dispatched within 2-3 working days of order. As your item is selected in the Lingerie catalogue, it can take a day or two to go through our extensive stock. If you need a rush order of any item you will be contacted via our customer care team.

Ships to the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Ireland, US and several other countries.

All orders are dispatched at the rate of 2-3 working days. We send a tracking number for your ease of payment.

Returns and Exchange

All returns and exchanges are at no extra cost. Items are available for exchange within the first few days of purchase as long as the order is placed in stock.
Our return policy does not cover theft or damage of the garment and returns have to be a size bigger in the item.

For size reference

We offer sizes from 28 to 45.

Support and Feedback

If you have any problems with any of our garments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are always happy to answer your questions regarding our garments and lingerie.